Lacey Payne


Member Since 2015


Road Category 3; Cyclocross B/C; Mountain Bike C

Occupation: Civil Engineer

Have you ever driven down the road and thought "Wow, that's beautiful" and then later you forget about it because it went by so fast.. but when you ride on that road later with the wind in your face, the view everlasting and the sound an the smells of the world encompassing the whole experience? That's why I ride.


I race because I like to be a part of a team and have something to train for so... goals.

As of the past 2 years I have not been training much and I've been exploring the different disciplines that cycling has to offer.  We will see where I land eventually and start training with the ladies and cycling community out here is Fresno/Clovis area.

My favorite route: Burroughs Loop or Pine Flat loop; San Joaquin River Trail


Nickname: No nickname, but lot of jokes involving last name!