Dennis Giffie

Member Since 2018

My friends call me Griff.  When joining Bell Real Estate Cycling, I was 53.  I started mountain biking and discovered my passion for road biking a few years later.  I now primarily ride road bikes and mountain bikes when I have time.  I have also had the chance to gravel ride as well.  I have raced Sea Otter four times in the mountain bike cross country race in Category 3.  I completed and placed in the middle of the field in all races.

There are a lot of reasons why I enjoy cycling besides the physical activity it provides me.  I have met many fellow riders through the years while cycling as well as helping our at OBS(Oakdale Bike Shop). I enjoy the camaraderie we have.  I like organizing group rides, being the ride leader, and making sure all riders return safely.  I enjoy supporting local charities by participating in various cycling events.

I usually ride three to four times a week for a total of 70 to 100 miles.  Mainly I ride with Oakdale Bike Shop and the Ripon group.  I also participate on rides supporting TNT (Team in Training) when I have the opportunity.  My favorite route is the Tunitas Creek ride.  I enjoy that ride at least once a year.  Locally my favorite route is Oakdale to Knights Ferry.  

My most recent accomplishment was America's Most Beautiful Bike Ride in June 2018 with TNT.  Although I enjoy group rides at all levels, my passion is in competitive riding to push myself to the limit.